ifyoutoleratethisDeciding that my reading about the prospects for the Trump presidency wasn’t scary enough this morning, Spotify decided to troll me with a incipient fascism soundtrack, going from First We Take Manhattan through The Man Comes Around to Under The God. Now, some of you may take this a sign that I have too many songs about the dangers of fascism on my main playlist (and it didn’t even get to If You Tolerate This…), but I instead see it as a challenge to go and find more of them.

So, I thought it was time to throw open the field to suggestions for other songs about fascism, just to get an idea of what else is out there, and as a preparatory soundtrack to fighting back. And to make it even easier to contribute I’ve created a collaborative Spotify playlist for your suggestions, and others that occur to me in time. Or you can just throw them out in the comments and we can have a good argument about whether certain tracks are against fascism or not.