Just a quick follow-up on yesterday’s revelation that James Martin is an idiot. The Fredcast, a cycling podcast, managed to get in touch with a representative of Tesla to get their view on his comments. It’s an interesting listen, though I think describing Martin’s inane bloviating against cyclists as ‘hate speech’ is going a bit far, and good to hear Tesla distancing themselves from his comments.

What’s most interesting about it to me, though, is the discussion between them about how weird they find the British attitude towards cyclists and the way in which two non-British observers can be surprised by how much venom can be directed towards people on bikes for doing nothing other than daring to ride from A to B. Definitely worth a listen, anyway.

UPDATE: James Martin has now issued a public apology. Apparently, “it was never my intention to offend the many cyclists who share our roads across the country”, which makes you wonder just what reaction he was hoping for.