Troy Kennedy Martin RIP

Veteran writer Troy Kennedy Martin has died. I’m sure the media reports of his death will centre on the fact he wrote The Italian Job, and they’re not to be blamed for that as it is iconic within British film, but for me his most important work will always be Edge Of Darkness.

A few years ago I started making notes for a long blog post about it, but then never got round to writing the post itself, so maybe it’s time to get the DVD from the shelf and watch it again to do just that, especially before the Mel Gibson film version comes out and spoils the memory of it.

Or, would anyone be interested in re-watching it as a blog-facilitated group exercise? It looks like the DVD’s available for about a fiver, and it might be an interesting experiment to watch an episode a week at about the same time and then discuss it afterwards, just like they did in the 80s.

(Original news via Frank on Twitter, who’ll probably have a post up about him later, I’m sure)

UPDATE: Told you Frank’d have a post about him.

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  1. the rss feed has been down or I would have read this earlier. I would be interested in watching it in that way, though I’m not very organised.

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