One thing that might be of interest to all, some or none of you is a breakdown of how far I’ve gone each day. And even if it’s not, then it’s good for me to have them all recorded here. Distances are all calculated from Google Maps, and are the straight line from start to finish, rounding up, but otherwise ignoring any diversions, side-trips, interruptions etc

Day 1: John O’ Groats to Wick: 17 miles (Google says 16.3, but it also seems to think John O’ Groats is inland)
Day 2: Wick to Dunbeath: 21 miles
Day 3: Dunbeath to Helmsdale: 16 miles (I did a circuit of Helmsdale when I got there looking for the – closed – Youth Hostel and then a B&B)
Day 4: Helmsdale to Golspie: 17 miles (a rough estimate, as some of that was on the coast path from Brora to Golspie, and I also got a bit lost and wandered a bit extra en route to get back on track)
Day 5: Golspie to Tain: 18 miles, though Google gets my route almost exactly, just missing out the dawdling back and forth across the Dornoch Bridge to look at the amazing views across the Dornoch Firth
Day 6: Tain to Avoch: 22 miles – the direct route using the A9 is 33 miles, but I came the back way, taking the old King’s Route and the Cromarty Ferry (no, I don’t see how it can take two cars either, and I’ve been on it) which was a lot simpler.

So, in total, that’s 111 miles so far at around 18.5 miles per day of walking, an average which is going to drop over the next week or so, I think.