Unfortunately, I had to leave the Castle Neighbourhood Action Panel meeting early yesterday because of it clashing with the Policy Review and Development Panel meeting, so I don’t have a huge amount to report from it. However, the problems of parking on new estates has come up again, and we’re continuing to try and find out from Essex Highways when certain roads might be adopted so we can bring them into our parking regulations. This is becoming a particular problem in certain areas where the developers aren’t interested in enforcing any parking restrictions, so a free-for-all ensues.

The other major issue I was there for concerned the structure of NAP meetings. At present, there are two sections to the meeting – an open one, where members of the public can attend and bring their problems and queries for the Panel to discuss and consider, followed by a closed session where the Panel can discuss the issues in greater depth. The question being asked is whether that’s the best way to proceed and whether its the model adopted elsewhere in the county and the country. The problem comes with the NAP being seen as secretive – especially when having to ask members of the public to leave once their particular problem has been discussed – but the counter to that is that certain matters, especially concerning information from the police and people who don’t want to be publicly identified as complaining about something, have to be discussed in private. I’d be grateful for any thoughts, comments or suggestions people might have on this.

I’ve also got the full schedule of meetings for the NAP until the end of 2010, which is below the ‘read more’ link:

All meetings are in the North Committee Room of the Town Hall unless otherwise stated. Meetings usually last for about two hours, and while time is given over at the start for the public session, you can come along at any time during the meeting to raise your problem if that’s more convenient. If you can’t make it to the meeting but would like to raise an issue, then get in touch with one of your borough or county councillors, or see the CDRP website for details of how you can submit issues.

The meeting dates are:

Friday 23rd October, 9.30am
Monday 23rd November, 1pm
Thursday 21st January, 5pm (West Committee Room, Town Hall)
Tuesday 23rd February, 9.30am
Wednesday 24th March, 1pm
Thursday 22nd April, 5pm
Monday 24th May, 9.30am
Wednesday 23rd June, 1pm
Thursday 22nd July, 5pm
Monday 23rd August, 9.30am
Monday 27th September, 1pm
Thursday 21st October, 5.15pm (West Committee Room, Town Hall)
Tuesday 23rd November, 9.30am

As I’ve done with the last few meetings, I’ll post reminders a week before on this blog.