Meanwhile, in Blogtopia

Here’s a positive blogging story for you. An intrepid blogger reads a story in the paper (or ‘the MSM’, as I believe the cool kids refer to it) and then does some research and investigation into it which reveals that the whole thing has been manufactured in an attempt to create a scandal. The whole thing leads to lots of coverage across the media and the newspaper in question admitting that their entire article was based on lies. The investigations also revealed that the people behind the scam were supplying similarly unreliable information to an MP’s office, and so the bloggers let the MP concerned know this.

So, a feelgood story all round, right? The sort of thing you’d expect the self-appointed champions of blogging to be shouting from the rooftops about, as proof that it can achieve something other than just the spreading of gossip. Yes, surely this is a day of triumph that all bloggers can share in.

Meanwhile, in the real world, Tim Ireland is being smeared and harrassed online as a result of his work in exposing the Sun’s ‘terror threat to British Jews’ story as being a fantasy. People are lying that he’s a paedophile or an ‘electronic stalker‘ and ignoring his requests for help by not letting the MP concerned know what’s being done through his office.

I’ve known Tim almost since I began blogging back in the far distant days of 2009. I may not agree with him on everything, but he’s a decent bloke who doesn’t deserve the fields of crap he’s being dragged through by people who really should know better. So, if you can help him out in any way – and no, he’s not asking for money – please do what you can.

(More support for Tim can be found here, here, here and here, for starters)