Waste and recycling consultation

Those of you reading this in Colchester may be interested to know that the first part of our consultation on our waste and recycling processes is set to start next month – full details and a survey will be in the next edition of the Courier, which you should receive around the beginning of November. There’ll also be a section on the Council’s website (which I’ll link to when it goes live), as well as public meetings, and we’re looking at ways to organise meetings in conjunction with the various parish and town councils to ensure that we hear a range of views from across the Borough, not just in the town.

And if you’re wondering why we’re going through this process, then take a look at what Hilary Benn is announcing today – government plans to ban anything recyclable from going to landfill. While the percentage level of recycling is often the figure discussed in terms of waste collection, one of the key factors the Task and Finish Group I’ve been chairing has been looking at is the question of how much residual waste goes to landfill at the end of the process because it seemed to us that while increasing the amount that gets recycled is a laudable aim, reducing the total amount of waste produced would become the more important target over the coming years.