Congratulations to Dave The Mayor

No doubt solely because of my visit there last week, the people of Bedford have elected Dave Hodgson as their Mayor. Congratulations to Dave and his team, and thanks to anyone who went to Bedford to help out, especially if you went as a result of my plea last week.

As with all by-elections, I’m sure this will be obsessed over by the media in the coming days, filling pages with speculation about what 2nd place means in terms of Cameron’s failure to connect with the voters, and just how bad is it for Labour to come 5th when the town of Bedford is represented by a Labour MP? After all, more people voted in Bedford than voted in the Norwich North by-election, and Dave will actually have much more power to influence the lives of the people of the Borough of Bedford than Chloe Smith has over the people of Norwich North.

In the real world, of course, it doesn’t even get a mention on the BBC News front page – and isn’t even one of the main stories on the Politics section of the BBC News site. Of course, it’s much more important that the Tories may or may not want to send a TV presenter to the House of Lords, in what I can only think must be a stunt to prove how ridiculous the idea of an appointed Upper House is. If we’re lucky, Dave’s election might just be the lead story on Look East tonight, unless someone in Norwich has stubbed their toe.

Finally, for those who like political trivia, consider this: both elected Liberal Democrat mayors are in the East of England, which also means that now all the elected mayors in the East of England are Liberal Democrats. It still doesn’t mean I want one in Colchester, though!

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