A marriage made in a very restrictive view of heaven

According to her website, Jan Moir has a partner referred to only as ‘S’.

Our old friends at Christian Voice have a press release echoing her comments that Stephen Gateley’s death was linked to his being gay.

Christian Voice is run by (and possibly composed entirely of) Stephen Green. Just a coincidence, I’m sure.

4 thoughts on “A marriage made in a very restrictive view of heaven”

  1. What, if anything, is “Christian” about their press release completely escapes me. Good spot, Nick.

  2. You use partner here. Presumably if her ‘partner’ was to be Stephen Green, surely he could not co-habit without benefit of clergy and so Ms Moir would be his wife. If true, how pc of her to use partner. Hypocrisy – perhaps; humbug certainly.

    1. I used ‘partner’ because that’s the term on Moir’s site – I honestly don’t think he is her partner, though, it was a just a rather amusing coincidence. And possibly a good idea for a sitcom too.

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