More for future reference and a reminder to research it more when I have the time, I wanted to flag up this Guardian article on Toulouse’s new street-lighting system. Interestingly, they’re installing street lights that are dimmer when there are no people around, thus saving energy, reducing light pollution and possibly creating an interesting set of questions for philosophers to discuss.

This is possibly something to feed into Colchester’s lighting strategy, which we discussed at Policy Panel last month, but is still in a draft stage. Any thoughts or comments?


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  1. Jo Hayes @ 2009-10-28 00:39

    The auto-dimming lighting experiment definitely deserves to be watched – seems to be at trial stage in Toulouse but if it works there, why not here? I wonder though whether the dimming function might cause extra wear and tear on the fittings.
    Another idea the French seem ahead on is simply turning the lights off after midnight. Bring back the night watchmen? Probably lower in carbon emissions. Only this evening I was looking at the twinkling landscape of NE London and thinking: if there is one lightbulb on for each human on the planet, that’s an awesome number.