I’m still in Edinburgh, enjoying the second of my rest days. In fact, it’s almost 2 1/2 as Thursday’s trip from Falkirk to Linlithgow was really just a half-day of walking – 12 miles, pretty much all on the flat and with just a little pack rather than the full one meant I was done by 2 o’clock and on a train back into Edinburgh.

And unlike previous rest days, I’ve actually achieved something in the last couple of days other than sitting around doing as little as possible. I’ve been to my first two Fringe performances (including my friend Rob, who you should all go and see if you get the chance – it’s free!) and then last night, Hollywood gave me a nice birthday present by releasing Snakes On A Plane yesterday, which is everything you’d expect and more, and is the only time I’ve ever been in a cinema where the audience applauded the title appearing on screen. Suggestion for a sequel: Snakes On A Space Plane (or just Snakes In Space – as long as it’s got Sam Jackson in, it doesn’t really matter too much)

Anyway, back on the road tomorrow for the final strecth from Linlithgow into Edinburgh along the canal – I’m probably getting a lift to Linlithgow, so if anyone wants to join me, meet me around the train station at about 10am, or give me a call (07981 896375) and we can sort something out.