Had a nice day completing the walk to Edinburgh from Linlithgow today, yet again following the Union Canal for most of the day, but this time I wasn’t on my own as I was accompanied by fellow blogger Will who I’m sure will give you the full chapter and verse on our occasionally rather damp day when he’s managed to get his legs working enough to walk to the computer.

As for me, it’s time to head south and leave canals and flat valleys behind as I head towards the high ground again, thoguh the good news is that there are now a lot more paths to follow. The plan for next week is:
Monday: Edinburgh to Peebles – starting off on roads, then following the old railway path from Penicuik
Tuesday: Peebles to Melrose – mostly on the Southern Upland Way
Wednesday: Day off in Melrose
Thursday: Melrose to Jedburgh – on St Cuthbert’s Way
Friday: Jedburgh to Byrness – starting on the old Roman road of Dere Street, then joining the Pennine Way when I cross the border into England
Saturday: Byrness to Bellingham – Pennine Way
Sunday: Belligham to Once Brewed – Pennine Way

Yes, finally, after four weeks I’ll be leaving Scotland behind, which perhaps helps to give an indication of just how big Scotland is and how much there is of it past Edinburgh and Glasgow..and how much of it is past Inverness, for that matter. It’s also somewhat twisty, especially around the isthmus of the Borders and Dumfries – something I hadn’t realised until looking at a map recently was that if you head directly south from Edinburgh you actually hit water (the Solway Firth) before you reach England.