I was going to wait before announcing this, but as it’s in the County Standard today it’s now public knowledge. So, for those of you who don’t read every story in County Standard the news is that I’m going to be joining the Cabinet of Colchester Borough Council – assuming, of course, that Full Council on February 17th approves my nomination.

I’m taking over the Business and Tourism portfolio from my colleague Nigel Offen who’s had to resign from the Cabinet because of ill health. I’ve only got three months in the job before this year’s elections and whether I stay in it after that is down to the voters of Colchester and the makeup of the Council after May 6th, but I’m looking forward to doing it and seeing what can be achieved in those three months, especially in terms of completing the projects that Nigel has started.

There’s still a couple of weeks before I officially take up the post, but my diary’s already filling up with more meetings. It’s looking like quite a steep learning curve, so wish me luck.