General Election 2010 Diary Day 2: too long for any good you have been doing lately

Day 2 of the campaign saw me getting on my personal battle bus the train and head for Cambridge. Sadly, it wasn’t to help Julian Huppert in his campaign to ensure that the city remains represented by a sane MP who knows the meaning of ‘evidence-based’, but to attend a training session on what councils can do to support economic development. I did see quite a few Lib Dem posters out on the streets while I was there, though.

Of course, being in a training session is a good excuse for not watching Prime Minister’s Questions, though pretty much anything – even yet another repeat of Top Gear on Dave Ja Vu (and is the phrase ‘next on Dave, more Top Gear‘ now the most used one in the English language?) – is a good excuse to avoid watching the farce that pretends to be democracy in action. If I wanted to watch a group of predominantly middle-aged white men acting like barely house-trained baboons, I’m sure there’s some mature student version of the Bullingdon Club I could observe, but as an example of the Legislature holding the Executive to account, it doesn’t pass muster.

Krishnan Guru-Murthy sums it up, calling their behaviour ‘childishness’ and asking:

When your MP comes knocking ask if they were 1 of the idiots shouting in PMQ’s today

Actually, I like the idea of PMQs being moved to prime time TV so more people can watch the foolishness in action and wondering if this really is the style of Parliament we want. And I’d go further, adding a few hundred extra cameras to Parliament so every MP can have their own individual live feed throughout the spectacle, allowing everyone to see them individually in all their braying, red-faced, paper-waving glory.

OK, rant over, but it filled space as my Cambridge trip and then some horrible weather on my return meant I didn’t do any campaigning today. So, no advance on my delivery and door-knocking totals from yesterday, but they should be going up a lot tomorrow hopefully.

Meanwhile, things you should read today include Mat’s look at safe seats.

Did receive my first election leaflet today though, all about that nice Liberal Democrat Bob Russell who is, as far as I know, the only current MP to share a name with a West Wing character.