2010 General Election Diary Day 4: On Your Feet Or On Your Knees

I could turn this blog post into something resembling an advert for a bunch of ambulance chasers because today’s the day I picked up my first injury of the election campaign. Normally, I can get through elections with nothing more than a paper cut or two, but today I managed to trip up on a step coming away from a house I’d just delivered too and went sprawling onto the path, grazing both my hands and hurting my knee. I’m now hoping that future updates to this election diary don’t find themselves foreshortened because of my knee seizing up tonight while I sleep.

Luckily, that came towards the end of the mammoth delivery session I took on today, so I was able to drag myself round the rest of the houses and ended up delivering almost 400 leaflets in total. Of course, to put that into perspective, that means I’ve put them in just less than 1% of the letterboxes in the Colchester constituency, which may give you an idea of just how large scale an election campaign is.

Other things that happened today were the publication of the candidates list for the local elections that are also taking place on May 6th. For many people, who runs their Council will likely have more effect on their daily lives than who their MP is, but these elections will likely be featured much less in the media than the Parliamentary ones. Of course, they may get slightly more coverage than they normally do because London Boroughs are up for election this year, and journalists in the capital will therefore notice them, but don’t hold your breath waiting for any detailed coverage.

In Colchester, the picture is much like it has been for the last few elections with just 4 candidates (Lib Dem, Labour, Tory and Green) in most wards except for West Bergholt & Eight Ash Green, where John Gili-Ross, the chairman of the Parish Council, is standing as an independent candidate (which may make that ward interesting to watch) and Highwoods where long-standing Independent councillor Gerard Oxford is standing for re-election, and where the BNP’s lone Colchester candidate is standing.

Haven’t really been following the news today, but apparently some Labour (now ex) candidate said bad things on Twitter and this reveals whatever you want to believe is bad about your opponents. I’m very tempted to start each day of this campaign by tweeting ‘Piss bum fart poo willy bum’ and then the name of the a British politician selected using the random article feature on Wikipedia, just to see what reaction it gets.

Things you should read elsewhere: Anton Vowl on the uselessness of political reporters (warning: uses words that could lead to potential scandal on a slow news day) and the as-yet-unwritten post by Nick Robinson in which he examines his uselessness with Kevin Maguire and Fraser Nelson until they agree that all bloggers smell of wee, and no one should be allowed to stand in the way of professional commentators telling us exactly what we should think.

Leaflet delivery count is now up to 860, door-knocking count remains at 55 because I decided resting my bruised knee was more important, number of plasters used to cover campaign-related injuries is 2 and number of dogs that came just slightly too close to comfort to my fingers in a letterbox is 1.