Today’s key lesson of election campaigning is: always proofread your leaflets before you send them to the printer. Then get someone who understands the Twitter, the Facebook and all of the other internets to check them again.

Oh look, tax is the headline election story of the day again, with Tory proposals to give a whole £3 a week to married couples. Well, not all married couples. Well, just a few. Well, only those where only one partner is working, and the other can afford to stay at home and think £150 a year is worth spending all the money it costs to get married (and even the cheapest trip down to the broom cupboard in the register office with no pomp and circumstance will set you back £120). But it’s the thought that counts, and the Tories obviously haven’t thought about doing anything for widows, those abandoned by their partners or marriages where both partners are struggling in minimum wage jobs and would love to have an unused part of their tax allowance.

OH, if only there was a party promising to raise the tax allowance for everyone, not just the select few.

Just fifty leaflets delivered by me today, but the good news is that yesterday’s fall hasn’t done any serious damage to my knee, and I’ve got a bundle for delivery tomorrow morning. So, that’s 910 leaflets delivered and 55 doors knocked on.

Right, time to get back to designing a few leaflets. Vote Candidate For Constituency!