2010 General Election Diary Day 6: End of part one

I’ve been generally optimistic about this election up to now – I’ve been confident of a good result, of the British people making a wise and considered decision having weighed up all the different factors before coming to a reasoned and sensible conclusion.

Yes, I was naive. How naive was driven home by Channel 4 announcing today the result of their poll for the ‘100 Greatest Stand-Ups’ where we discover that not only do the people of Britain think Ricky Gervais is funnier than Bill Hicks and Alan Carr better than George Carlin but they place Michael McIntyre at number 9. Yes, the people of Britain think there are only 8 people in history who were funnier than Michael McIntyre, and I’m still convinced that his entire career can only be explained as a post-modernist joke on the part of the media, determined to prove they can make anyone appear famous and talented if they tell us they are enough.

No, all that has absolutely nothing to do with the election at all. The media would never attempt to manipulate your opinion of a public figure in order to fit in with a narrative they’d decided behind closed doors.

Talking of media narratives, Matthew Turner has an interesting post on the reporting of polls.

Meanwhile, we continue campaigning down here in Colchester, and after an early morning dash out to get some leaflets delivered to flats before the timed locks on the doors shut us out for another day, I did most of my campaigning today from the couch, writing and re-writing various campaign leaflets and letters. Besides, I’ve never been much of a fan of canvassing on Sundays – others mileage may vary, and I’m not religious, but I find people tend to be more annoyed when you disturb them on a Sunday to talk about politics, especially when it’s a lovely Sunday like this one.

So today’s 120-odd leaflets took me over the 1000 mark for the campaign to a total of 1030, which is something like 2.5% of the constituency. 25 days to go, so maybe I’ll make it over 5,000 by the end of all this.