Wait a minute! There’s one guy holding up both puppets!

Nick Robinson explains how his reporting is balanced, with a chocolate analogy:

Do you get much sleep during the campaign?

Not a lot. You go from 7am in your suit, asking questions in Westminster, through to 10.30pm. It’s a long day. My crash point is just after the six o’clock news when the bar of chocolate and the strong coffee comes out.

What kind of chocolate?

It varies. If you want a kind of crunchy experience, it has to be Toffee Crisp. If you need pure chocolate, it’s got to be Dairy Milk.

You’re even unbiased in terms of your chocolate choice.

Exactly. I’m so programmed by the BBC. At this stage I should be saying, “Well, look, on the one hand there’s Rowntree’s, on the other there’s Nestlé – there’s arguments for both.”

Yes, that would be the same Rowntree that’s been part of Nestlé since 1988. Just like the difference between the Labservatives, really.

(Note: The video above contains language that some of you might find offensive. If you believe you might be offended by it, don’t press play and then complain you were offended)