Is it just me, or are the polls not really changing that much? Tories seem to be in the high 3os, occasionally touching 40, Labour in the low 30s, occasionally dropping behind with Lib Dems around 19 or 20 with every result seeming to fluctuate around in the margin of error. But, there’s still 3 1/2 weeks of the election to go – Parliament was only dissolved today and the nominations for the election aren’t properly open yet – so still lots of time to make their minds up, though worth remembering that it’s not too long after nominations close that postal voters get their ballot paper and the first votes in the election will be cast.

There’s an idea for a news channel needing to fill time – trying to find the first vote cast in the election. Roam the country in a helicopter looking for the earliest domestic postal delivery containing postal votes and then doorstep the first poor sod who gets one delivered, demanding that the country wants to know how they’re going to vote and drawing out some wild extrapolations from that.

Anyway, Labour apparently released their manifesto today, but as they’ve still not got round to completing the implementation of their 1997 one – where’s the referendum on the voting system? – I feel fine in not paying any attention to it until they deign to fulfill the promises of their earlier ones.

Didn’t see much of the Clegg interview on the BBC tonight, but amused by the idea that Cameron and Brown aren’t willing to be interviewed by Paxman in the same way. I wonder how quickly they’d change their mind if they said the interview was going to go ahead with or without them? Though half an hour of of Jeremy Paxman shouting questions at an empty chair would perhaps make for an interesting and unique television experience.

No deliveries for me today, but came back from tonight’s canvassing session to find a box full of leaflets waiting for me and ready to go out tomorrow. Did have a good session out on the doorstep and knocked on about 35 doors, taking the total to 90 for the campaign. Assuming some of my evening meetings finish in time this week, I should be able to get out and do a lot more by the weekend. More good weather today, though it starts getting noticeably colder when the sun goes away, and I’m starting to get a bit of a campaign tan, which is nice.