2010 General Election Diary Day 8: What this country really needs right now is a Doctor

‘But what were his policies? What did he stand for?’
‘I don’t know…he just seemed kind of nice.’ Duh-duh-duh-dum.

Yes, the Doctor Who tendency strikes again. After a Labour Party film with a voiceover by David Tennant directly references Jon Pertwee, the BBC headline the Conservative manifesto launch with the headline Saxon-esque Cameron ‘to make Britain better’. Yes, this country is sick, this country needs healing, this country needs medicine…and sometime in early May the sky will tear asunder and our descendents will come down from the sky to kill us, possibly for silently enduring such a bland election campaign.

So, the speculation for tomorrow is whether Nick Clegg and Vince Cable will decide to re-enact The Two Doctors for the Lib Dem manifesto launch. It’ll be interesting to see what the ‘I’m bored of politicians in grey suits’ complainers say when they see Nick Clegg in Colin Baker’s costume.

Lib Dem Voice has details of the policy debates the BBC will be showing on weekday afternoons from next Monday. While the presence of Andrew Neil is one reason not to watch them, the lineup for the immigration debate on May 4th looks like it’ll generate 45 minutes of pretty repugnant TV with Damian Green and Sarah Teather probably gazing in shock from the sidelines as Phil Woolas and Lord Pearson engage in a frenzied race to the bottom as they attempt to see who can demonise the most foreigners per minute.

Back in the delivery swing down here in Colchester today, with another 350 of them delivered this morning, though the majority of those were to flats, which makes it a lot easier, especially when all the letterboxes are on the outside of the building. Had a meeting late this afternoon, but still got out knock on 25 doors this evening before it started getting a bit too cold and looking like rain to start off on another street. So, my totals are 1370 leaflets and 115 doors so far.

Seems like this has been going on for ages, doesn’t it? So it was a bit odd to remember this morning that it was only a week ago that Gordon Brown went to the Palace…and there are still over three weeks left.