You know, if I’d been a mischievous journalist, I’d have been tempted this morning to call a few of the more rentaquote politicians around and tell them that all flights in the UK had been cancelled because of a threat from overseas. Would have been fun to see just what sort of quotes you would have got from them before they bothered to check what the problem is.

Today’s editorial comment is brought to you by the Attery Squash:

Note, of course, that this represents a 100% swing to Vince from Charlie Brooker. Unless they’re entirely in agreement with each other on everything.

Yes, I’m writing today’s diary before the big event of the day – and we’ll all be shocked that ITV manage to put on a programme inviting viewers to make a decision that doesn’t involve Simon Cowell or Piers Morgan sneering – but I thought I’d get a post done that wasn’t just laughing at the inevitable comedy moment when a member of the audience strays from the script and asks each leader to quote their favourite Monty Python sketch, followed by the debate just lapsing into chaos and fisticuffs as all three of them attempt to interrupt the others with cries of ‘nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!’

Today’s random question: given how much time the leaders seem to spend visiting schools – given that they always seem to be outside one when they’re on the news – do they spend more time in a campaign speaking to people too young to vote than they do speaking to actual voters?

As for me, I’ve managed to both do some deliveries and knock on some doors before coming home for the debate. 170 leaflets and letters and 35 doors take the totals up to 1660 and 155, with three weeks to go and a stack of stuff to do tomorrow. I’m hoping the volcanic ash doesn’t affect the weather too much – the sunny weather of the last few days has been great for campaigning in.