So, having had a wander round Alston and a quick trip on the South Tynedale along the path I walked in on yesterday, here’s the rough plan for the next week:

Tomorrow (Wednesday 30th) I’m heading off to Langdon Beck/Forest-In-Teesdale which, even using the roads, is likely to take me to the highest point of my walk as I near 600m. Luckily, starting around 300m in Alston helps.
Thursday 31st: Heading down the B-roads and back roads to Barnard Castle.
Friday 1st finds me taking to the back roads again as I head from Barnard Castle towards Richmond and Catterick
Saturday 2nd: Richmond down to Masham, again on the back roads as I skirt through the lower dales.
Sunday 3rd: Out from Masham and through the edge of Nidderdale to Pateley Bridge.
Monday 4th: Back towards the Pennines, and from Pateley Bridge to Ilkley
Tuesday 5th: Songs will be composed in my honour as I traverse Ilkley Moor without a hat on (unless it happens to be really sunny) towards Keighley and Haworth
Wednesday 6th: From Keighley or Haworth to Hebden Bridge, where I’ll take a day off.

That’s the tentative schedule, but some of those days are a bit short, and there’s a possibility – depending on how I’m feeling, the weather and other factors – that I might be able to go further on certain days and get to Hebden Bridge on the Tuesday, though we’ll see how it goes.