So, David Cameron is back banging the drum about how bad a hung Parliament would be, so you should all jolly well go and vote for him to stop this happening. As a public service, I offer this question free to any journalist who wants to ask it to David Cameron:

Mr Cameron, you’re against electoral reform and say a hung Parliament would be a bad thing for the country. If the result of the election is a hung Parliament where the Conservatives aren’t the largest party, what will you do? As you think it’s such a nightmare scenario for the country, will you let the largest party get on with governing rather than paralysing the country with ‘a bunch of politicians haggling, not deciding’?

This is just the politics of the protection racket from Cameron, another riff on the claims that if the result is anything other than a large majority for the Conservative Party then the economy will completely melt down. If this tactic continues to have the same level of success, then expect an amplification of it over the next couple of weeks until the cover of The Sun features a picture of Rupert Murdoch pointing a gun at a dog and the headline ‘Vote Tory Or The Puppy Gets It’.

Oh, apparently there have been some more opinion polls for tomorrow’s papers published today, but I’m not going to get sucked into discussing them for fear that obsessing over them too much will cause them to go away. However, I would advise you to read Mat’s post on why you shouldn’t be putting these sort of numbers into seat calculators and expecting to get a result that will bear any resemblance to reality.

Bit of a quiet campaigning weekend for me, as I’m giving my legs a bit of a rest. Only 150 leaflets delivered today, but that’s enough to take me over the 2,000 mark and up to 2,070 so far.