Sometimes, you need to take a day off from campaigning, especially when that day features a Grand Prix and two IPL games on the TV. So, I’ve spent the day focusing on my involvement in the national campaign, which is key for re-tweeting interesting election-based messages. But it helped me to find little gems like this:

And this interesting post from Matt Turner, complete with graphs, about how the distribution of the Liberal Democrat vote around the country differs from that of Labour and the Conservatives.

Today’s piece of ‘will I wake up soon?’ news is the latest YouGov daily poll, of course: Liberal Democrats 33%, Conservatives 32%, Labour 26%.

With my purely neutral amateur psephologist hat on, what I think will be most interesting to see if the Liberal Democrat votes does increase is where that increase takes place, Would it be generally even across the UK, or would it have wider peaks and troughs and what would be the link between them?

My guess is that it would vary, with the peaks coming in areas where the Liberal Democrats have a strong presence in local government that hasn’t been translated into success in Parliamentary elections in the past. There are quite a few locations like that, where I suspect the ‘wasted vote’ perception has caused people to not vote Liberal Democrat at Parliamentary elections, even though they’ll happily do so at local ones. One of the downsides of going to the election count is not getting to join in with all the speculation online as the results begin coming in…

No deliveries or doors knocked on today, but back into action tomorrow!