First we take Meon Valley, then we take Bournemouth West.

I was going to put another video in here today, but I can’t decide which one of these to choose. As Alix says, something weird is happening, and I get the feeling we might all be just a bit too close to it to see exactly what it is. But hey, it’s all good fun, especially when people drive past you at the end of a canvassing session, stop the car and wind the window down, shouting ‘Are you Lib Dems? Can I have a poster for my house?’

One of the most interesting things about all this is that the election campaign doesn’t theoretically start until tomorrow. Yes, if you’ve got a desire to be a candidate in this election, you still can be if you can find ten people who live in your chosen constituency to sign your nomination form along with £500 for your deposit and take that to your local Council offices before 4pm tomorrow.

Perhaps more relevantly, tomorrow’s also the deadline for applying to vote, or for applying for a postal vote, so you’ll need to squeeze past the crush of last-minute candidates (in the unlikely event there is one) to get your forms in on time should you need to do that.

And incredibly, just a couple of days after the nominations have closed, the first votes in this election will be cast. There’s probably an interesting few minutes of footage for a news channel in explaining how the process works in getting ballot papers printed and distributed to postal voters so quickly, but that would involve someone leaving their warm cosy studio and looking for a studio. Staying indoors and filming journalists talking to other journalists about what someone else has written is much more interesting and useful to the public, obviously.

Things to do if you’re not busy declaring your candidacy or registering to vote, however, include reading Mark Thompson’s post dismantling Boris Johnson’s latest column. I suspect Johnson’s suggestion of dissolving the electorate and electing the new one is actually one suggestion on the list of potential Tory election strategies. However, it’d be completely wrong to suggest that they’re panicking – replacing their planned election broadcast with David Cameron reciting his favourite parts from the Big Book Of Middle Management Cliches was always what they wanted to do.

As for me, did two canvassing sessions today, but only knocked on about 20 doors myself, as I was co-ordinating the first one so got to stand on the pavement directing my team to the different doors, then had to cut tonight’s a bit short so I could dash back and work on a new campaign leaflet. Only about 50 deliveries today, so totals are now 2,120 and 220, as I can’t really count all the doors I instructed others to knock on, can I?