Next time, they’ll just go for Muzak

Something I noticed in Marina Hyde’s Guardian election sketch yesterday:

Thrillingly, Team Cameron appear to travel with their own Surrey wedding DJ, who thought he really knew how to warm up the largely middle-aged and pensioner crowd at Marston’s. “Don’t give up, you’ve got the music in you!” insisted the New Radicals.

I do love it when they choose such inappropriate songs – though I guess ‘You Only Get What You Give’ could be a coded warning to Lord Ashcroft that they need more cash if he’s going to get his desires. This, however, is a song that talks about how the ‘bad rich’ have God flying in for their trial, while advising ‘fakes’ to ‘run to their mansions’ before they come round and kick their asses. Add to this the fact that it comes from an album entitled ‘Maybe You’ve Been Brainwashed Too’, and you start to wonder why Tories bother with any post-1900 music at all.

The video, however, may well be a depiction of one of David Cameron’s nightmares, as a bunch of kids (some in hoodies) storm a mall and take all the respectable people hostage:

And amidst all that, the line ‘we’re flat broke, but hey, we do it in style’, which is surely a description of the Liberal Democrat Campaigns Department.