Been somewhat out of the national election loop today, as I’ve been concentrating on working here on the campaign here in Colchester. Been glancing at Twitter on and off during the day, which has provided an interesting way of skimming the election news through an odd filter. This has included the rather odd news that Nick Clegg is not only aware of the whole #nickcleggsfault phenomenon, but regards it as one of his favourite parts of the campaign. I find myself imagining Nick Clegg being summoned to Buckingham Palace after the election, just for the Queen to tell him it’s all his fault.

Anyway, #nickcleggsfault is now so April 22nd. All the cool Tweeters are on #disobeymurdoch now. (And the really cool are on #SendUsMoney)

Meanwhile, today’s news is that there’s been a sudden surge in hysterical (in every sense of the word) bigotry. I also caught the English Democrats’ election broadcast (not intentionally, but it was stuck between Newsnight and Newsnight Review) but as it didn’t contain Steven Uncles on his knees, begging the forgiveness of the world for what he said about Chris Lightfoot’s death, I find no reason to pay them any attention at all. Except to point out that Mr Uncles is standing in Gravesham, and I hope Anna Arrowsmith beats him soundly.

Anyway, I spent most of today out running canvassing teams here in Colchester. While you don’t get to knock on any doors yourself while you’re co-ordinating it, it’s an interesting experience to be co-ordinating a group of others as they head to the doorstep and dealing with the variety of responses you can get from a single street. We also had some new people out with us tonight, and it’s fun watching someone learn the art of canvassing to the point when they’re willing and ready to go and knock on doors all by themselves. But, even though we got through a few hundred doors in those sessions, I didn’t knock on any or do any deliveries today, so no advance on the totals for now.