So, the team in blue were leading throughout most of the campaign and seemed set to coast home easily. The red team, the defending champions, really didn’t live up to expectations but a flurry of activity helped them out in a close close finish, though they still ended up in third place, with the final battle between the seemingly-unbeatable blues and the yellows, who’d got there on the back of some great performances by their leader. When it came down to it, though, the blues just couldn’t seal the deal and the yellows won comfortably.

But this is a General Election post, so why I’m talking about today’s Indian Premier League final, where the Chennai Super Kings beat the heavily-tipped Mumbai Indians to take the title, I don’t know.

Today was another day of playing sorting office, and working through several boxes of letters in the office to check they were all arranged correctly and ready to be delivered. Not quite a dirty job – the advantage of dealing with stuff in envelopes is that you don’t get your hands covered in printer’s ink – but a rather boring one that someone has to do.

Meanwhile, the Labour campaign is convulsed with rows over the appearance of an Elvis impersonator at a campaign event, and as a result, Armando Ianucci and the team behind The Thick Of It are have probably thrown out all their planned scripts for the next series because they’re just not silly enough to be realistic.

It’s been a quiet electoral weekend for me, but we’re about to head into the final sprint for the finish, now we’ve got two-thirds of the campaign behind us. In a fortnight’s time, it’ll all be over. For this election anyway.