Not a bad day yesterday, even though I didn’t make it to my final destination – was aiming for Broadway, but started pretty late and didn’t want to leave my brother Andrew (who was picking me up at the end of the day) sit around too much, so ended it at Willersey, which was still 21 miles down the road from Redditch, taking the total on to 757.

Had another rest day today, but did have to put my boots on around lunchtime as a photographer from the Redditch Advertiser came to visit and take my picture for the paper – I’ll link to it if it becomes available online at all. Aside from that, I’ve not done too much, but did manage to get around to uploading some photos. When I was going through Scotland, I had a couple of disposable cameras with me, and as you can now get your pictures from them copied to a CD, it’s made it easy to stick them all up on Flickr for you to take a look at. Of course, the problem with doing it all a few weeks later, is that my descriptions may not be accurate in some cases, but if you spot any egregious errors, then please let me know.