In cider country

Yes, I am still alive, even if I’ve been quiet for a while – I’ve been walking through Gloucestershire, and I’m not sure they’ve got new-fangled things like the Internet there.

Anyway, I’ve now made it as far as Bath and the end of the Cotswold Way, and finally get to switch from heading mainly south to heading mainly south-west as I make the turn towards Cornwall. Slight change of plan with regard to my route, though, as I’ll now be taking the central route across Devon, rather than going north along the Exmoor coast. Looking at the map the other day, I realised taking the central route cuts a day or two off my journey, so decided on taking the slightly shorter route to the finish. The plan now is to head for Shepton Mallet or roundabouts tomorrow, then through Street, Taunton, Tiverton, Crediton and Okehampton before entering Cornwall at Launceston next Saturday and spending the final week of the walk going down the north coast of Cornwall.

More tomorrow when I’ve got a bit more time to write, but until then you can pass the time by donating and keeping my total moving…