Yes, I am still alive, just haven’t been able to get any internet access since Bristol, mainly because I’ve been having some long days and not wanting to go and try and track any down inbetween walking and sleep.

But, I’m now in Cornwall, and thanks to the generosity of their library service, I’m currently online in Liskeard library before I head off – on what looks like it might be a nice sunny day – to St Austell. In other words, yes, I’ve changed my route again, as the southerly route through Cornwall looked slightly shorter, and with some dodgy weather coming in off the Atlantic during this week, this way looked slightly shorter (and drier) than the northern coast.

So, the plan is to get to St Austell (or maybe Par) today, Truro tomorrow, Camborne on Thursday, Penzance on Friday and then – drum roll please – Land’s End on Saturday. If you are planning to come down and see me cross the finish line, then I should be getting there sometime around 1 or 2 in the afternoon – it’s only about 10 miles from Penzance, so that leaves plenty of time for celebratory drinks in the afternoon and evening. If you need to contact me, my number is oh798one eight96three75.

Strange to think I’ve got this far, and this time next week I’ll be getting back to normal life again…but for the next few days, I’m still on the road, and you can still donate and make it all worthwhile.