Bob Russell (Liberal Democrat): 22151
Will Quince (Conservative): 15169
Jordan Newell (Labour): 5680
John Pitts (UKIP): 1350
Sidney Chaney (BNP): 705
Peter Lynn (Green): 694
Eddie Bone (English Democrats): 335
Garryck Noble (People’s Party Essex): 35
Paul Shaw: 20

So, Bob’s back for a fourth term, with an increased number of votes, majority and share of the vote. I’ve now been up for 24 hours, so any commentary will wait until I’ve slept and got my brain back into something resembling functioning order. Until then, I can only quote the intro to the latest series of Ashes to Ashes: ‘Frankly, your guess is as good as mine.’

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  1. Well done Bob.
    May Bob continue to be a thorn in the side ( i would prefer both sides) against wasted local authority money projects and champion our heritage. Basically, carry on
    as before. Great news

  2. martin burnett @ 2010-05-07 16:49

    well done Bob, I voted for the man not the party, staunch Labour man all my life but oh dear, no way this time!