48 hours

Well, that’s roughly how long I’ve got to go, though I’m not going to sit in this internet cafe for another hour before posting just to make the title accurate.

It’s perhaps a sign of being in a touristy area that you start to find internet access in the strangest places, and here I am in Bissoe at a cafe by a cycle trail along one of the old mining tramways. I’m on my way to Camborne from Truro today – not too far, which is good as the weather isn’t nice – grey, rainy and the sort of day I just want to get my head down and trudge my way to the end of it. Luckily, it’s just for today – tomorrow’s forecast is for showers and sunny intervals, while Saturday should be clear and sunny meaning that, touch wood, it won’t be a case of ‘Yay, I’ve finished, now let’s run for shelter.’

All still going according to plan – Camborne tonight, Penzance tomorrow, then Land’s End early Saturday afternoon, so look out for a post from me sometime then assuming I can find somewhere to access the internet in that time between crossing the finish line and lapsing into drunken incoherence. If I don’t manage that, then expect something Sunday, but keep an eye on my photos for almost live (depending on Virgin and Flickr) pictures of the end.

3 thoughts on “48 hours”

  1. It’s been fun watching your posts the last few months.In fact I’ll have a little more spare time after the weekend and perhaps a few more jobs wil get done!!!!

    see you back on the stump soon

    lots of encouraging replies for your surveys.

    Colchester LibDems

  2. Congratulations on completing the walk Nick. I just viewed your photo of the finish. Nita has asked what you plan next, may I suggest a walk across the USA?

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