Well, that’s roughly how long I’ve got to go, though I’m not going to sit in this internet cafe for another hour before posting just to make the title accurate.

It’s perhaps a sign of being in a touristy area that you start to find internet access in the strangest places, and here I am in Bissoe at a cafe by a cycle trail along one of the old mining tramways. I’m on my way to Camborne from Truro today – not too far, which is good as the weather isn’t nice – grey, rainy and the sort of day I just want to get my head down and trudge my way to the end of it. Luckily, it’s just for today – tomorrow’s forecast is for showers and sunny intervals, while Saturday should be clear and sunny meaning that, touch wood, it won’t be a case of ‘Yay, I’ve finished, now let’s run for shelter.’

All still going according to plan – Camborne tonight, Penzance tomorrow, then Land’s End early Saturday afternoon, so look out for a post from me sometime then assuming I can find somewhere to access the internet in that time between crossing the finish line and lapsing into drunken incoherence. If I don’t manage that, then expect something Sunday, but keep an eye on my photos for almost live (depending on Virgin and Flickr) pictures of the end.