It is done

After 74 days on the road, during which I covered 1050 miles, I finished the walk at just before 2pm yesterday afternoon when I strolled into Land’s End, after a short 11 mile trip from Penzance via St Buryan and Sennen Cove. Yes, it’s over – I’ve walked from John O’Groats to Land’s End, and now I’m back at my Mum’s house in Redditch, having been driven back up to the Midlands today, slowly getting used to the idea that I’ve finished and trying to work out what to do next.

How does it feel to have finished? Pretty strange, really – I keep having to remind myself that I don’t have to get up tomorrow and walk somewhere, that today isn’t just a rest day and that I can now look forward to the assorted aches and pains in mybody fading away over the next week without anything more to strain and tax them. It’ll be rather weird to have a morning when I can get up and walk normally instead of just doing the shuffle of someone whose legs have been walking a long way for a long time.

I’ll write at more length on various topics during the week ahead, but for now I just want to say thanks to everyone who’s helped out and to everyone who has donated. I would list you all, but I’m sure I’d forget someone and mortally offend them, so if you think you should be thanked, or even if you’re no sure, consider yourself thanked.

Of course, it’s not too late to donate as the page will stay open until the end of the year so anyone who has been thinking, in the words of one of my friends, ‘not a penny till you get to Cornwall’ can go ahead and do it now.

For those of you near Redditch, a reminder that we’re having a celebration/fundraising evening at the Woodland Cottage pub this Friday, with live music, a charity auction and a raffle, amongst other ways to separate you from your money in the name of charity. We’ve got some interesting stuff for the auction, and I’ll post a list of it soon so anyone interested who can’t make it on Friday can still submit a bid.

Right, time for some serious relaxing on my part…

11 thoughts on “It is done”

  1. Congratulations again. You arrived in Cornwall at the same time as our group of Scottish bloggers were convening in Glasgow.

  2. Nick,

    Really sorry Kat and I couldn’t make it down to Land’s End or even down to Redditch this weekend.

    Congratulations on completing the mission.

    Now what? You ask… Well LA to New York, Portland, Oregon to Portland Maine? Hamburg to Munich?
    Moscow to Paris? Paris to Berlin? Or my favourite idea for you… sofa to off licence, off licence to fridge, fridge to sofa, sofa to fridge, fridge to sofa and then repeat that a few times!

  3. Just to add my congratulations on behalf of your electorate. The long road to Brussels bekons and then it’s no more walking just riding the gravy train. Looking forward to seeing you back in colchester and havng a good procastinating game of cards.

  4. Not so much ‘not a penny till you get to Cornwall’ as ‘yes, but not until I’m slightly less horrifically skint’. Which should thankfully be soon. (Oi! Wolverhampton! Place of hobbits and inbreeding! Get on with that damn tax refund!) But dude, congratulations! That’s proper epic. Get your feet into some hot water pronto.

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