Just noticed this on the BBC’s ‘Have Your Say’ about flag-burning (which features occasional moments of sense breaking out amongst all the usual ‘ban anything that might offend me’ comments):

Will these proposals risk driving political protests underground?

Leaving aside the question of what the point of a secret protest might be, one wonders what sort of person would find themselves going to an ‘underground’ protest. Are there members of the SWP so committed to protesting that they’ve actually become addicted to it? Do they get the shakes if they can’t wave a placard about every so often? Do they start hallucinating bored police officers standing at the side of the road wondering what they’re going to spend this bit of overtime on? Do they try and get a methadone-esque shallow hit by putting on an old steward’s tabard and pretending they’re about to go and lead a march?

Maybe it’ll be more like rave culture with protestors milling around motorway service stations and car parks on a Saturday morning eagerly waiting for one of them to get a message from ‘Dave – you know, Dave, Sarah’s old workmate’s friend, he knows where it’s going off today’ that’ll direct them through back roads and byways to a deserted field where they’ll be able to march up and down while either covering their faces with cloth or burning it until the police arrive.

Or is the London Riot Re-enactment Society secretly the organising hub for the underground protest movement, pre-emptively organising its cover story?