…will be Yvette Cooper. While some may be bemoaning the fact she didn’t get the role of Shadow Chancellor, she instead gets the much more media-friendly role of being not William Hague Shadow Foreign Secretary for the next few years, allowing her to raise her profile without being linked for or against any major policy decisions.

If/when Ed Miliband fails to win the next General Election, she’s then the best-placed candidate to take over from him – everyone else will likely have far too many bad policy decisions or the results of this year’s leadership campaign hanging over them – and will eventually get to move into number 10, though hopefully without her husband moving into number 10.

With any luck, this blog will still be around in 2020 so I can reopen the comments on this post for you all to say ‘Yvette who? Oh yes, the John Moore of the 21st Century’ as another prediction bites the dust.