Do it yourself

I keep meaning to plug this site and forget it – Mark Moxon’s Land’s End to John O’Groats walk site. I’ve had a few people asking me for information on how to do the walk themselves and this is probably the best resource on the net for it. Plus, his route inspired much of mine (though going the other way, of course) and what better recommendation could you need than that?


2 comments untill now

  1. Nick, I’m glad to see that my friend Mark helped inspire and give vital information for your walk from his site. however, you may wish to update his name from that of the writer of the communist manifesto to that of the former German currency. :-)

  2. Small world, isn’t it? And I was going to try to come up with some justification that completing the end-to-end allows you to use the name of a dead German philosopher, but I realised that I’d then have to claim to be called Nietzsche and it was far easier to simply change one letter.