2012 Tour de France

During the 2012 Tour de France – the year Bradley Wiggins became the first British winner of the race – I wrote a daily post about the race. Here they all are:

2012 Tour de France preview
Day 1: The past of the prologue
Day 2: And onto the roads
Day 3: Up to the border
Day 4: And welcome to France
Day 5: It’s Peter Sagan’s world, we just live in it
Day 6: Crashes and cash
Day 7: The end of the beginning
Day 8: Ring my bell
Day 9: The shape of things to come?
Day 10: Up and down and up and down
Day 11: Showing your hand
Day 12: On the road again
Day 13: The sharp end
Day 14: When I want it, I’ll come and take it
Day 15: The bonus rest day
Day 16: Hitting the wall
Day 17: Getting a bit tacky
Day 18: Take a break
Day 19: Wait a Schleckond
Day 20: 340 miles to Paris
Day 21: The home stretch
Day 22: We are against all watches
Day 23: The Gentleman’s Procession
Conclusion: Before the gold rush

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