2010 General Election

During the 2010 General Election campaign, I wrote a daily diary post on things that had happened in the campaign, both locally and nationally. Somehow I also managed to sleep during that period, but I’m not quite sure how. In between all the campaigning, I also inspired the #nickcleggsfault hashtag, which briefly threatened to take over the world.

Here are all the posts, anyway:

Day 1: It’s on like Donkey Kong
Day 2: Too long for any good you have been doing lately
Day 3: Sunshine, for those of you who haven’t had their sun disconnected
Day 4: On Your Feet Or On Your Knees
Day 5: Disgusted of Tunbridge Wells
Day 6: End of part one
Day 7: Margins of error
Day 8: What this country really needs right now is a Doctor
Day 9: Frit, frit, frit!
Day 10: Tough on volcanoes, tough on the causes of volcanoes
Day 11: Keep Calm And Carry On
Day 12: Nice country you’ve got here, be a shame if anything happened to it
Day 13: Couch-based campaigning
Day 14: You loved me as a loser, now you’re worried that I just might win
Day 15: The indie snob vote
Day 16: There’s less to go than has already gone
Day 17: It’s all #nickcleggsfault
Day 18: Some days, the board runs you
Day 19: What’s the worst that could happen?
Day 20: Jai Ho
Day 21: The Final Countdown
Day 22: Vote early, but vote just once
Day 23: Somedays, you just can’t get rid of a bomb
Day 24: The last week is the longest time in politics
Day 25: Silver nemesis of the dog whistles
Day 26: Fear of a blue planet
Day 27: The Ice Age is coming
Day 28: A 23% swing from Fish to hurricanes
Day 29: Paper shortage
Day 30: All over bar the voting
Day 31: This is it
Conclusion: A long day

That was the end of the election diary, but the story continued. These are my posts on the aftermath of the election and the formation of the coalition:

What now?
Why rush?
Now wait for later this year
Special Conference #ldconf
This, apparently, is how reporting is done nowadays
Before I turn into Zhou Enlai, the Coalition

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