Not Watching This Weekend

This is a series of posts based in ideas I’ve had for really bad films or TV series. If I keep going long enough, one day I’ll find something bad enough that Hollywood will pay me for it.

A Prime Minister fears The Empty Chair
A Black Mirror fable of modern times: Deus Ex Social Machina
Because everything needs a dark origin story: Mr Benn: The Movie
Liam Neeson finds another flimsy reason to punch people in Eggbound
Books get their own novelty talent gameshow: Find Me A Writer!
The secret origin of a UKIP MEP is explained in a Dickian satire of reality: Helmer
The well runs dry, leading to a search for Inspiration.
Following the box office success of The Empty Chair, a remake of it was almost inevitable.
Sequelitis strikes with Eggbound 2: The Powdering.
Another TV show gets the dark and gritty film version in Nighthawk.

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