» Castle Ward ¦ What You Can Get Away With

I currently represent Castle Ward on Colchester Borough Council with my colleagues Bill Frame and Jo Hayes. Castle is in the centre of Colchester, and includes the Town Centre, Castle Park, Riverside, the Dutch Quarter, St Mary’s and Cowdray Avenue.

If you’re not sure which ward in Colchester you live in, then the Ordnance Survey’s Election Maps site can help you find out. Just select ‘local authority’, search for ‘Colchester’ and that will take you to a map of the whole Borough where you can find which ward you’re in.

You can find details of some of what we’ve been doing on the Castle Ward page for Colchester Liberal Democrats. You can also click here to see the entries posted on this site under the ‘Council’ category to read about some of the Council-related work I’ve been writing about recently.

Remember that your Councillors are here to help you, so if you’ve got any problems, comments or issues you want dealt with, then please leave a comment or email me.