One more announcement

Something I forgot to mention in my earlier posts is that I’ve taken the photographs down from the site because they used a pretty large chunk of bandwidth and disk space that I could find a much better use for (like not spending the money on in the first place, for instance).

Some of them will possibly be re-appearing elsewhere on the web (with Flickr, perhaps, or something similar) but for now they’re all safely on my hard drive.

Updating in progress

I’m making a start to rebuilding this site, but also using the opportunity to have a bit of a spring clean. Not all the old posts are going to make the move – I’m just taking the best and most interesting – but those that do will appear with a date close to their original posting, though without any comments, I’m afraid. The old posts from when I was on Blogger are in the process of being FTPed as I type.
I’m also rebuilding the blogroll from scratch, so if you think you should be on there and I haven’t added you yet, let me know.

And to celebrate the new site, and the return of Doctor Who to our screens on Saturday, I’m finally going to get round to writing a post on The Christmas Invasion which you can expect to appear sometime before 7.15pm on Saturday.

Back once again

No one should be seeing this yet, but here’s the latest version of What You Can Get Away With. I’ve moved hosts to rid myself of the incompetence of Lycos and am already finding my new hosting company (Sonnet) to be much more friendly and useful.

As you may have noticed, this is a completely fresh start – all the old posts are on a database which I can’t work out how to upload in it’s entirety, but I’m going to add the best ones back here piecemeal over time. Now I just have to start gettting this looking back the way I want it.

UPDATE: OK, seems the new address is starting to propagate around the DNS servers (though not mine yet) – if you’ve emailed me recently then any response may be delayed as it works out which mail server to go to.