The anarchist as hero

Now I appear to have an audience eagerly awaiting my musings on each episode of Doctor Who, I suppose I should start with an apology for my lateness in posting this. Don’t worry, it’s just because of real life and post election stuff getting in the way, rather than any disinclination to write about The Long Game. Review and discussion below the cut, if you don’t want to read any more then hide behind the sofa now.
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It will not stop

I’m still confused by one thing from last night – who were those three million people who chose to watch Celebrity Wrestling rather than ‘Dalek’ and are they allowed to vote on Thursday? As always, look away now if you don’t want to read about last night’s Who.
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Trust the people

As you may all have noticed at times, I can be somewhat disparaging about the tastes of the Great British public, so when I discovered last week that Doctor Who was going to be up against Celebrity Wrestling (every day, we come closer to Inner City Sumo, don’t we?) I was worried that, after Who had valiantly triumphed over Ant and Dec, the appeal of non-entities in lycra grappling each other would be the lowest common denominator that ITV required to triumph.

Well, I was wrong. Spectacularly, wonderfully wrong. Not only did the BBC win the ratings battle, it wasn’t even close with Who drawing in 7.3 million viewers while only 3.8 million deciding to watch Monkey Tennis Celebrity Wrestling. Oh, to be a fly on the wall of Network Centre this morning.

More on World War Three after the cut, so if you don’t care, or don’t want to be spoiled, look away now.
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Paging Dr Strangepork

I’ve never been that good at snap judgements and spur of the moment decisions. That’s not to say I don’t make them like everyone else, just that more times than I feel I should I end up looking back on them and thinking I’ve made the wrong decision. So it was with my review of The Unquiet Dead last week – it’s not that it wasn’t a good piece of television, just that it wasn’t the great piece of TV it seemed last week. It was a kind of Chinese meal of a Who episode – all very good and tasty and nice, but half an hour after finishing it you wanted something else.

So, with that disclaimer in mind, but also bearing in note that I’ve waited until the day after to do it this time, a post that will vaguely serve as a review of Aliens of London follows after cut. Readers who don’t care about Doctor Who, those who don’t want to know any spoilers for something they haven’t seen yet or those with high levels of antipathy to long, rambling posts will want to look away now.
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What the Shakespeare is going on?

My thoughts on The Unquiet Dead are below the cut, so if you’re not interested in Who or haven’t seen it yet and don’t want the surprise ruined (and apologies for any spoilers I may have unintentionally exposed people to with my post on The End Of The World) either don’t click on ‘more’ or skip on to the next article on your feed reader now.
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Oh my God! They killed Gallifrey!

I have been intending to do a post about The End Of The World since last Saturday, it’s just that work and other commitments (who knew they’d call a General Election this week?) have put it off till now. If you’re not interested in Who (and thus objectively pro-Dalek) don’t click on the ‘more’ link, or skip onto the next article if you’re reading this on a feed.
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