Somehow, I’m rising

Via LDV, I notice that Iain Dale has released his latest list of the top 100 Liberal Democrat blogs. Now, I know I was jokingly suggesting at the Blog of the Year awards that I deserved some kind of lifetime achievement award (the kind the Oscars give out to people just to make sure they’ve got a statue before they die) but somehow I’ve managed to rise from number 27 to number 20 in a year when I’ve been far too busy to blog.

I’m almost tempted to stop writing entirely to see if that gets me into the top 10 next year, but I will try to find the time to write more over the next year.

Of course, there’s also the possibility I and the other inhabitants of the top 21 may all fall silent in a bizarre variety of blog-related accidents over the next year as Don Liberali clears his way to the top in traditional family style.

Planning ahead

Now I can start planning for things happening after this month, who out there is going to Federal Conference this September? I’m looking at ways of trying cut the cost of it a bit by renting a flat for the week. Having had a quick look at what’s available in Brighton, if there are a few people out there who fancy sharing one for the week, it would likely work out quite a bit cheaper than a hotel/B&B. Anyway, let me know in comments or email if you’re interested and we’ll see what we can work out.

If this is a thrashing, I must be a masochist

As some of you may recall a couple of weeks ago, I was advised by someone in my comments that I needn’t bother canvassing in my election as I was going to get thrashed.

This morning, I discovered that Castle Ward was one of the Green Party’s national targets, with activists coming from all over to help out in an attempt to defeat me.

And tonight, I found that I had been elected as the next Councillor from Castle Ward:

Barlow Nick Liberal Democrats 940
Lynn Peter James Green Party 740
Granger Glenn Darren Conservatives 469
Powell Michael Labour 142

If you’re going to earn the people’s trust, first you must trust the people. Thanks to everyone who voted for me, and I may post in more detail tomorrow, but right now it’s past 3am and I need to sleep for a week or two.

UPDATE: And one quick addendum, to ask the power of the internet to help. One of my new colleagues – Mark Cory, who won Wivenhoe Cross from the Conservatives by 24 votes – is only 20. Obviously, this makes him the youngest Councillor in Colchester’s history, but how many councillors younger than him have been elected tonight across the country?

Interesting times

I knew I should have watched Daily Politics today – there’s news from Iain Dale that Greg Dyke might be a joint Liberal Democrat/Conservative candidate for Mayor of London. Until I hear more from my party colleagues at the other end of the A12, I’ll treat it with the requisite amount of salt, but it’d certainly make for an interesting contest.

Update: Blood pressures will no doubt be rising across bloggers because of the amount of salt being consumed with this story, but Richard has views on it at Lib Dem Voice.

And another update: That’s that, then. Still, it kept the afternoon interesting.

The things you miss when you’re hard at work

Just got back from a day’s delivering and envelope-stuffing to discover that I missed a Green canvasser calling on us while I was out. Given that our candidate in a neighbouring ward, who also happens to be the sitting councillor and a former Mayor of Colchester, got a visit from a Conservative canvasser not long ago, I find myself wondering if we’re the only party who actually bother looking at the electoral register before knocking on the door.

The long slog to the Town Hall begins

Anyone being really observant about this website might have spotted a certain change over the weekend, when a ‘printed and published by’ imprint appeared in the footer. Seasoned political observers will know exactly what that means – I’m a candidate in this year’s Colchester Borough Council elections, specifically the Liberal Democrat candidate in Castle Ward. You can see just where that is through the OS’s Election Maps site – it’s the ward that includes the centre of Colchester – and find last year’s results for Colchester, including Castle Ward here (pdf file).

I’m not really planning on using this site for electioneering, but the imprint’s there just in case someone finds it, reads it and is inspired to vote for me because of it. Of course, anyone reading this who wants to come and help out with my campaign will be more than welcome to join us on the streets of Colchester – after all, you don’t have any elections to occupy you in London this year, do you?