Clegg goes twirling towards freedom

I haven’t got the time to read all of Clegg’s Demos pamphlet until sometime next week, but the summary and the bits I have managed to read aren’t exactly filling me with great confidence.

It would appear that somehow both Liberal Democrats and Labour are ‘progressive’, despite disagreeing on almost everything. Apparently the ‘lifeblood of progressive thought’ (and I wish I had enough time to dissect that particularly bizarre metaphor) includes ‘civil rights and internationalism’, which would be two of the main issues we’ve been pointing out that Labour – the party of ID cards and siding with the neo-cons against the UN, remember – have failed on.

Voters are deserting Labour in large numbers because they’ve failed – why are we choosing this moment to attempt to link ourselves with that sinking ship?

James Graham has more to say on this and I’m sure other members of the Lib Dem blogging community will have their say in the not-too-distant future.

And on the general topic of ‘progressivism’, to borrow someone else’s words: I shit on the progressives of the planet.