2015: A year in blogging

charlotte-new-years-eve-2015Thanks to all of you have visited here over the year. There were either a lot of you, or a few of you who came here very regularly to read what I had to write, and if you’d all paid a pound for each visit you’d have been horrendously overcharged.

My most-visited posts this year were ones that definitely hit the Google zeitgeist, either because they featured general or local election results, because they featured Balustrade Lanyard (shockingly overlooked when Time named their man of the year) or because politics students were working out how to answer a question about why people join political parties. Beyond those flukes, the ten most popular posts were these:

10) Bloggers for Tim: A collection of posts backing Tim Farron for Lib Dem leader – Probably the post that took the most time to put together, as I was constantly adding to it and seeking out new posts for it during the leadership election campaign.
9) West Wing worship is damaging for British politics – It’s a good show, but taking it as a model for politics in the real world is a bad idea.
8) What the hell are the Lib Dem lords playing at? – A truly frequently asked question, yet to have a definitive answer.
7) The curse of the Very Serious People – How the very very serious punditocracy and their love of making tough decisions means they fail to challenge the political consensus.
6) NUS invents a Liberal Democrat MP – An odd moment from the general election campaign, and still no one knows who Ian Cunningham might have been.
5) Guest post: Liberal Youth members on why they’re supporting Tim Farron for leader – I’m always happy to provide a platform on the interwebnets for the young people to speak their views while they’re doing their media socialising.
4) Thoughts on the Lib Dems: Past, present and (hopefully) future – In the wasteland that followed the election, I set out my thoughts on where we should go next.
3) What if Nick Clegg loses his seat at the election? – Turns out that the question we should have been asking was what if he kept his while 49 other Liberal Democrats were losing theirs?
2) Closing the Overton Window – It’s a term without meaning or evidence to support it’s existence, but people still use it to pretend they’re being political experts.
1) Liberals, social democrats and Liberal Democrats: The Economist joins the long list of those not understanding the difference – And when they’re not talking about the Overton Window, the ‘experts’ are proving their ignorance of the spread of opinion within the Liberal Democrats.

Thanks to all of you who read these and many other posts during the year, especially if you shared them with others. Special thanks to Chris Dillow, Jonathan Calder and Jennie Rigg, whose links brought the most visitors here over the year.

2015 Colchester local election results

As I get people coming here looking for them, I’ll post them as I get them so the post will be updated as the evening goes on. Click here for the General Election result.

(These are for the original Colchester in Essex, England – if you’re looking for those for November 2015 in Colchester, Connecticut, click here)

Berechurch: Labour (Dave Harris) 1,958, Conservative 858, UKIP 521, LD 406, Green 152
Birch and Winstree: Conservative (Andrew Ellis) 1,913, UKIP 569, LD 291, Lab 287, Green 145
Castle: Conservative (Darius Laws) 1667, LD 1172, Green 982, Labour 821
Christ Church: Conservative (Annesley Hardy) 964, LD 670, Labour 433, Green 319, UKIP 148
Copford and West Stanway: Conservative (Jackie Maclean) 673, UKIP 177, LD 115, Lab 155, Green 46
Fordham and Stour: Conservative (Nigel Chapman) 2,023, labour 396, Green 336, LD 327
Great Tey: Conservative (Peter Chillingworth) 979, LD 257, Labour 170, UKIP 162, Green 104
Highwoods: Independent (Philip Oxford) 1,592, Conservative 1,192, Labour 479, LD 466, UKIP 395, Green 187
Mile End: Conservative (Ben Locker) 2,101, LD 1,769, Labour 707, UKIP 533, Green 368
New Town: LD (Annie Feltham) 1,289, Conservative 832, Labour 772, Green 631, UKIP 493
Prettygate: Conservative (Will Quince) 2,269, LD 967, Labour 522, UKIP 489, Green 196
Shrub End: Conservative (Pauline Hazell) 1,571, LD 1157, UKIP 757, Labour 736
St Andrew’s: Labour (Tim Young) 1,462, Conservative 715, LD 447, Green 317
St Anne’s: LD (Barrie Cook) 1173, Conservative 976, UKIP 770, Labour 600, Green 241
Stanway: Conservative (Fiona Maclean) 1861, LD 1611, Labour 616, Green 261
Tiptree: Conservative (Margaret Crowe) 1,873, UKIP 1,313, Labour 535, LD 194, Green 129
West Bergholt and Eight Ash Green: Conservative (Marcus Harrington) 1,578, UKIP 370, Labour 306, LD 265, Green 204, Independent 151, Patriotic Socialist 12
West Mersea: Conservative (Patricia Moore) 2,154, UKIP 988, labour 402, Green 330, LD 278
Wivenhoe Cross: Lib Dem (Mark Cory) 668, Labour 328, Green 130, Conservative 271, UKIP 90
Wivenhoe Quay: Labour (Rosaling Scott) 1295, Conservative 1251, Green 325, LD 295

Official details are on the Borough council website here.