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Worth Reading 8: Dead Belgians Don’t Count

And who can tell me which TV series that was the original title for? Tunisia: Lessons of Authoritarian Collapse – Interesting article at the Carnegie Endowment website on historical precedents for the sudden ending of authoritarian governments Tunisia’ Jasmine Revolution – More information on the events, and some regional context, from Mona Eltahawy at the […]

This download brought to you by…

I’m not entirely sure whether these figures for the number of times certain TV shows and films have been downloaded are trustworthy – there’s an air of ‘and the World Cup Final has 5 billion people watching’* about them – but if they are in the same ballpark as the number of actual download viewers, […]

It’s all down to The Power Of The Blog/Twitter/Facebook/MySpace/Google/(insert next month’s Internet trend here)

So, it turns out that standing on the street and trying to force your newspaper into the hands of people who don’t really want to read it isn’t a viable business model. We’ve also discovered the shocking news that Rupert Murdoch and News International don’t like throwing their money into large holes for no apparent […]