Worth Reading 103: The United Nations shall prevail

The Philpott case is horrific; so is the attempt to highjack it for any political purpose – Some sense from Alex Massie.
15 Mid-Century Modern Dream Homes that will Kill Your Children – The hidden hazards of modern architecture
“Paying More In” – Stumbling and Mumbling explaining one foolish statement people make about benefits and social security.
Margaret Thatcher: This is a state funeral, and that’s a mistake – Like a Targaryen monarch, there’s a 50-50 chance as to whether a Peter Oborne column will be totally barking or well worth reading. This is the latter.
Bitcoin Is No Longer A Currency – A good explanation of Bitcoin’s rise as an example of a bubble commodity, rather than a currency.

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Worth reading 66: Geoff Hurst takes an arrow to the eye

Wind turbine syndrome: a classic ‘communicated’ disease – I’m shocked – shocked, I tell you – to discover that something James Delingpole and other contrarian trolls believe in has no evidence to back it up.
10 myths of the UK’s far right – Daniel Trilling in the Guardian outlines some widely-repeated opinions about the BNP and their ilk that don’t stand up to much scrutiny.
Facebook friends network ‘quadruples voting behaviour’ – Interesting study in the US about different online prompts and how they increase the likelihood of someone voting – the original paper it’s based on is here.
English Baccalaureate – questions outstanding – Stephen Williams MP shows that not all Lib Dem MPs have drunk the Govite Kool-Aid.
The Myth of the European Court of Human Rights’ “War on Britain” – Very good piece by Alex Massie. Worth passing on to any nutters of your acquaintance (some of whom appear to be in the Cabinet, sadly) who advocate Britain withdrawing from/ignoring the ECHR

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