Worth Reading 11: Turns out it’s not Paterson Joseph

Link me till I… lart?

Project Iceworm – There’s something about the phrase “nuclear-powered research center built by the Army Corps of Engineers under the icy surface of Greenland” that makes you realise that maybe we are living in the cool parallel universe with the wacky uses of technology
Voyager 1 at edge of Solar System – Fascinating account of a thirty year journey and interview with one of its creators
Congratulations, Mr Karimov! – European Voice welcomes a dictator on his visit to Brussels
Betelgeuse and 2012 – Phil Plait of Bad Astronomy explains why the ‘my friend definitely heard someone who once met a scientist say that the Mayans predicted Betelgeuse going supernova in 2012 would herald the end of the world’ stories aren’t correct. Though he fails to point out that even if we were to see Betelgeuse going supernova in 2012, it would actually have exploded sometime around 1360.
Thoughts on Coulson: Which newspaper groups can you trust? – Interesting post from Love and Garbage about just how widespread the use of potentially illegal methods by newspapers is, and how it’s not just the News Of The World and the Murdoch press that’s the problem