Worth Reading 59: Alaska, Cuba and Hawaii

With my usual timeliness, containing Jubilee-related posts:

It’s time to demolish the myth about Tony Blair – Owen Jones on Blair’s real legacy
The real meaning of the Jubilee – “Marks and Spencer have taken flag-worship to such absurd, vomit-inducing levels, I can only assume an invasion of Waitrose is imminent.”
SpaceX Space Cadets Predictably Crowing Mars, Bitches! – I’m very glad I discovered Dale Carrico’s Amor Mundi. Sample: “Because SpaceX is described as a “commercial venture” all the usual Libertopian and Ayn Raelian types who throng futurological precincts have decided to pretend that becoming a government contractor engaging in a taxpayer funded exploitation of already existing mostly decades-old technology which itself already existed only because of the splendid efforts once upon a time of a For Real government space program which still made possible the launch to a state-consortium funded and maintained International Space Station represents “Going Galt” in space.”
6 things that are damaging Western democracy – Jason O’Mahony hits the spot again
The questions that must be answered over the unpaid stewards – And why do I get the feeling that we’ll be seeing similar questions asked when the Olympics roll around?